Managing Users and Permissions

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2016 11:05PM PST
Users with the administrative role can add additional users to the Company account and manage their permissions. Please note, the original account used to create the Company is always an administrator. 

To manage users as an administrator, navigate to the My Account page, accessed by clicking the account name in the upper right, and navigate to the Manage Users section at the bottom of the page. 

Add a New User

​To add a new user to the account, in the Manage Users section 
  • Select the Add User button
  • Enter the desired username 
  • Enter the user's email address
  • Select the appropriate roles for the new user
  • Select the applications the user is authorized to access. Note: A user with an Administrator role will always have access to All Applications. 
    • All Applications: the user will have access to all applications in the account
    • Some Applications: limit the applications the user is authorized to access by clicking in the text box and selecting from the list of available applications. Note, the list will not include "Hidden" applications. 
  • Click the Create User button
The new user will be sent a confirmation email which will include instructions for completing their registration as an additional user for the Company account.

Manage Existing Users

The table in the Manage Users section lists all of the users for your account, along with their email address, roles, and authorized applications. Hover over the application to see a full list of authorized applications. For each user you can: 
  • Edit: update a user's email address, roles and authorized applications
  • Disable/Enable: control a user's access to the Apsalar UI
  • Reset Password: send the user a link to update their password

Please note that you cannot disable to the original user used to create the Company account.
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