Configuring a Custom User ID

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2016 10:27PM PST
Custom User IDs allow Apsalar customers to use their own internal IDs to correlate post install events. Perhaps you would like to see how your registered users perform on high value events or input event and attribution data into your own BI tools using your internal IDs.

By passing this custom ID to Apsalar, you can ensure that future event notifications from Apsalar for your users include this ID.

To configure a Custom User ID:

  • Configure an Apsalar event in your application and send your custom ID as an attribute.

    Here is an example of this event for an iOS application:
    [Apsalar eventWithArgs:@"registration",
       @"registered_user_id", @"ABCD1234", nil];
    Here is an example for an Android application:
                    "registered_user_id", "ABCD1234);

    Please note: this event should be triggered immediately after session start to ensure it's availability for use on all event based postbacks.
  • Trigger this event at least once for your application.
  • Contact Apsalar's Product Support Team and they will finish configuring your Custom User ID in Apsalar's system. Please provide the following information when contacting Support:
    • Account Name
    • Application Name / bundled ID
    • Event name on which your custom user ID is passed
    • Attribute name which includes the custom user ID value
  • Apsalar's Product Support Team will respond with the configured key for your custom user ID. The key will usually be the same as your attribute name.
  • You can then begin including your custom user ID in your configured postbacks using the following macro: {USERID|user.key}

    Using our example event above, the macro would be configured like so:
Reminder: passing personally-identifiable information (PII) is a violation of Apsalar's Privacy Policy. Any unique user IDs should be sent in a privacy-friendly format using encryption or security hashing.

If you have any questions about Custom User IDs, please contact Apsalar's Product Support Team.
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