Adding a New Application

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2016 10:30PM PST
After you've setup your Apsalar Account, the next step is configuring your application for use with Apsalar's platform.

To begin viewing information about your application in your Apsalar account, you'll need to complete the following steps:
  1. Integrate the Apsalar SDK into your application

    With help from your engineering resources, you'll need to integrate Apsalar's SDK into your application.

    Before beginning the integration process, we encourage evaluating your app to identify important events which you would like to track, such as registering for an account or adding an item to a shopping cart. Provide this list to the party responsible for implementing the SDK to ensure all high-value events are tracked from the start.

    After creating your list of events, it's time to start integrating the SDK into your app. Apsalar provides easy guides to walk your organization through this process: Be sure to pay special attention to the necessary steps for tracking Facebook attributions if you plan to run any Facebook campaigns.
  2. Add Application Details

    After integrating the SDK and testing to ensure session and events are properly triggering, your application should now appear in the list on the Applications page. Here you'll need to add just a few details regarding your application. First click the Edit option for your new application, then enter the following:
    • Default App Store URL
      • Enter the URL from the appropriate app store for your application
      • For Android applications on the Google PlayStore, we encourage entering the market:// link . Campaigns run with AdWords require the use of the market:// for proper attribution on AdWords' platform.
    • Default App Deeplink (URL Scheme)
      • If your app supports deeplinking, provide the default app deeplink (URL scheme) here.  Providing a value here will pre-populate your Smart Tag Destinations with a default value.
    • Facebook App ID
    • Uninstall Tracking
      • This section is used for tracking uninstalls with the Apsalar Android SDK.  For more information on setting this up for your app, please see our article here.
    Please note, the Application Name, Longname, and Platform fields are all determined automatically from your application's info.plist or AndroidManifest.xml file. For more information about how these values are defined, please see our support article for the Applications page.

    The Application Scheme and Cookie Tracking fields are options provided for our legacy customers; these fields can be ignored for newer applications.
After completing these steps, your ready to begin tracking attributions, measuring campaigns, and monitoring event data for your application with Apsalar.
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