Migrating Criteo's Ad-X to Apsalar

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2015 11:42AM PDT
Criteo's announcement to sunset their app attribution offering, Ad-X, to focus on in-app retargeting is causing marketers to evaluate their mobile attribution solution.  With Apsalar’s Event API, we provide a quick and orderly way to transition campaigns, including on Facebook, starting with your Ad-X integrated SDK.  While the best way to take advantage of Apsalar’s offerings is integrating our client side SDK, this article is aimed at maintaining the continuity of your marketing campaigns.

Should you have any questions during the transition, contact Apsalar support.

The migration will take place over three phases:
  1. Begin passing all installs to Apsalar

    To accurately attribute installs with Facebook, Twitter and Google, all installs need to be passed to Apsalar.
    Once the first install is passed to Apsalar, the application will appear in your Apsalar account. The first install must be received before you can complete the next step.

    Note: All traffic will show as organic until the following step is taken.
  2. Configure your Facebook and Twitter integrations

    For many of our clients, their largest budgets are spent reaching their audiences on social media.  As both a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) and a Twitter Mobile App Conversion Tracking provider, the migration of these campaigns to Apsalar is very simple.
  3. Migrating Campaigns

    Migrating additional campaigns typically requires changing of tracking tags with ad networks. Apsalar has over 400 ad network partners and is continuously adding more.
At any point in the process you may migrate to the Apsalar SDK for your iOS or Android application.
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