Common Discrepancies With Ad Networks

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2016 10:35PM PST
Here you can find some of the most common discrepancies noticed when comparing ad network attribution counts.

                                 (Please be aware that Apsalar considers 10% discrepancy as normal)
  1. Time zone differences: Apsalar allows its users to setup their time zone in the Dashboard.  This sometimes leads to differences while comparing Apsalar numbers with third-party numbers who are configured against a different timezone. Furthermore, the Apsalar Traffic Report reports based on click timestamp, not an install timestamp which many networks attribute on. Similarly, it is important to count based on attributions by event timestamp, and not when the postback was received by the third-party server. An ad network might consider adding the Timestamp parameters to postbacks to receive the event’s exact timestamp.
  1. Different Attribution Windows: Attribution windows define the time period within which the install can be attributed to the specific network. Apsalar uses 30-day last click attribution window while an ad networks can configure different look back window as per the contract with advertisers.
  1. Postback URLs: Apsalar gives an advertiser the ability to set postbacks for specific events like purchase, registration, view, etc. However, it is important to understand that any syntax error or typo in these templates can result in failed Postbacks. This can further result in discrepancy between Apsalar numbers and third party numbers. Please consider reviewing this article for creating and managing postbacks in Apsalar.
  1. Attribution Rules setup:  Postbacks can be configured to either ‘SEND ALL DATA TO A PARTNER’ or ‘SEND ONLY ATTRIBUTED DATA TO A PARTNER’.  A partner ad network should have proper configurations to handle the settings. Please be cautious while configuring the rule.
  1. Multiple SDKs: We always prefer that an Advertiser install the Apsalar SDK only. However, there are some cases where partner SDKs can be nstalled as well. Discrepancies are more common in these cases. While Apsalar attributes only for a true install, a partner ad network may follow different rules to claim an attribution. To avoid this, please understand the attribution models of both SDKs, or integrate only the Apsalar SDK.
Discrepancy With Facebook:
Please refer for detailed report on major reasons for number discrepancy between Apsalar & Facebook.
Discrepancy With Google Adwords:
Please refer for detailed report on major reasons for number discrepancy between Apsalar & Google Adwords.
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