Flexible Campaign Spend Tracking

Last Updated: Apr 14, 2016 02:19PM PDT
Flexible Spend Tracking is currently a BETA feature, and one of several planned ways to track your campaigns’ spend in Apsalar.  Please try it out and let our team know of any feedback!  

For Facebook spend tracking, please see our article here.

Apsalar offers a way to gain campaign spend insights in your Apsalar dashboard for any media partner. By entering your cost-per metrics in a special tab of the platform, you can enrich your campaign views with spending insights.  With Apsalar’s “Campaign Spend” tab, you can manage the spend for your Attribution Tracking Tag or Smart Tag campaigns.  The campaign spend configured using Apsalar's Flexible Spend Tracking solution, allows you to track your campaigns' spend metrics in your Traffic Reports.

Note: Flexible Spend Tracking for campaigns not managed by Attribution Tracking Tags or Smart Tags is currently not supported.

Accessing Flexible Campaign Spend


Flexible Spend Tracking is available in your “Attribution Tracking” dashboard view, under the “Campaign Spend” tab.  Apsalar Flexible Spend Tracking allows you to configure static payout values for four of the most common cost-per models, for each of your campaigns utilizing an Apsalar tracking tag.  This method of campaign spend tracking allows you to update your cost-per metrics on a daily basis.  
In your “Campaign Spend” view, all tracking tag campaigns will be listed in alphabetical order, with a layout similar to our “Tracking Tag” and “Smart Tags” views. As with the “Tracking Tag” and “Smart Tags”, you can expand each campaign to view your configured campaign groups and sources.

To edit the Flexible Spend Tracking for a given campaign, click the “Edit” button for a particular campaign.  This will take you to the spend page for that campaign:
The “Campaign Spend Edit” view allows you to configure campaign spend for the following cost models:
  • CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impressions
  • CPC - Cost Per Click
  • CPI - Cost Per Install
  • CPR - Cost Per Re-engagement


Editing and Updating Spend

Caution: Campaign spend editing is a powerful tool for you to track campaign spend in your Apsalar Traffic and Cohort reports.  While our solution allows you to track historical spend, we do not allow modification of spend for timeframes in the past (though spend values on the current day can still be modified).  Take care when modifying your Flexible Spend entries! 

These cost models can be configured for each of your groups and sources within the campaign.  To configure spend for a particular group and source, simply enter in one or more spend values under each cost model, and click "Enable".  The currency used must be the same as your account's default currency type.  Values down to two decimal places are supported.

Clicking "Save", will save your changes.  If you have "Enabled" a row for spend tracking, the "Active On" column will be updated with the current day, signifying that spend tracking for that item is now enabled going forward.  All enabled rows will be tracked with the configured spend values until you decide to disable or modify them. 

To update a spend entry, simply enter in new desired values on the day you wish your changes to take affect, and save.  Alternatively, you can disable spend tracking by removing the cost-per figures.

Viewing Historical Spend Configurations

If changes are saved and enabled, your new spend values will take effect immediately, and old configured values will be disabled. Past data using the old cost per metrics will still be available.  To view historical configured spend values, expand the "History" button for your row.  Historical spend rows will indicate the end date of the tracked period under the "Active Until" column.  Please note that historical spend values cannot be modified.

Flexible Spend Reporting

BETA - Flexible spend metrics have limited reporting capabilities.  Keep an eye out for future enhancements!

As flexible campaign spends are configured on the tracking tag level, reporting spend metrics with dimensions other than campaign, campaign group, or campaign source, are not supported.

Your flexible campaign spend metrics can be examined after set-up in the  Traffic Report.  Please see our article here for how you can view your spend breakdown.

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