(Legacy) Google App Engagement Integration Setup

Last Updated: May 17, 2017 01:54PM PDT
This is article refers to the old integration based on Google conversion IDs and labels.   

If you are an Apsalar customer beginning on or after May 17th, 2017, this integration is no longer available for configuration.  Please use the new Google AdWords integration documented here.  

If you are an Apsalar customer prior to May 17th, 2017, and are using the legacy Google AdWords integration with conversion IDs and labels, your integration will be part of an auto-migration to ensure a seamless transition to the new system.  Google and/or your Apsalar account manager will be in touch with you about the migration timeline of your account.  Until the migration process, please continue to use conversion IDs and labels to track your Google campaigns.


Tracking Your Google Network App Engagement Campaigns

Google App Engagement campaigns drive users to perform actions in your app.  With a few simple steps, you can configure your Apsalar account to track installs and re-engagements from Google App Engagement campaigns. Google currently supports serving Google App Engagement ads to both Android and iOS smartphone operating systems for two Google Networks. 

Please review our 
Getting Started with Google Adwords guide for other types of Google Adwords campaigns such as traditional Google Mobile App Install, and Google Universal App Campaigns.

Enabling Apsalar to track your Google App Engagement campaigns entails ensuring the following are set up:
  • Ensuring that a Google install integration is setup as our guides here
  • Ensuring your application supports deeplinks
  • Integrating the latest Apsalar SDK and
    • iOS - pass the launch URL to the Apsalar startSession
    • Android - pass the intent data to the Apsalar startSession
  • Generating and Configuring an Apsalar "referrer=" value
  • Adding your apps' deeplink URI into your Google Adwords app engagement campaign
Below, you can find instructions for setting up your Google app engagement tracking.  Currently, Google supports app engagement tracking for both Android and iOS Google Display, and Android Google Search networks.

Google Display (Apps) Google Search
These are image ads in a mobile applications and mobile web browsers that can link to your mobile website, mobile app, or app store.  These are text ads appearing in a mobile web browser.

To learn more about which ad network or ad format to use, Google provides a support page, as well as a guide to Google App Engagement campaigns.
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