Testing Using Network Debugging Tools

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016 05:51PM PDT
This article is meant to demonstrate an additional way of verifying your app has implemented the Apsalar SDK properly and as expected.  While the Event Tracking Console is great for ensuring your events are being received and processed by Apsalar as expected, testing using network debugging tools will allow you to verify that instrumented your event calls are being triggered from your app when you expect them to be.  A few tools of these tools include CharlesWireshark, and Fiddler.  

In this guide, we will be using Charles to capture any network activity from your test device.  While the directions below are specific to Charles, other network debugging tools use similar methodologies to trace HTTP traffic coming from your device.  

To test your app using Charles, please follow the below:

1.  Ensure the computer which you have Charles installed is on the same network as what your test device is connected to.
2.  Configure "Proxy Settings" in Charles (non-SSL SDK).  If you're using an SSL SDK for Apsalar, choose "SSL Proxying Settings".  Make note of the port you have configured (recommended "8888").  For SSL proxy implementations, you will have to ensure your test device is using Charles' Root Certificate.  


3.  Configure network proxy settings on your iOS or Android mobile device.  
4.  In Charles, filter for HTTP requests to e.apsalar.com.
5.  Start your app and test your events.  In Charles, you should see entries to e.apsalar.com/api/v1/start for your sessions, and e.apsalar.com/api/v1/event for your instrumented events.  


200 responses from the e.apsalar.com endpoint for your instrumented events verify that an event was processed by the Apsalar system correctly.  Whether you're using a simulator or a physical test device, you can use a network debugging tool to verify any HTTP calls being sent from your device.

For more Charles documentation in the above example, please see:

If you have any additional questions, or would like our team to additionally verify that your instrumented events are being processed in Apsalar, please reach out to support@apsalar.com with your device's advertising ID.
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