Snapchat Integration Guide

Last Updated: May 03, 2017 12:26PM PDT

Snapchat Attribution Tracking

With the Apsalar and Snapchat integration, you can track your Snapchat mobile app install campaigns in your Apsalar account.  The integration is a server-to-server integration commonly referred to as a self-attributing method.  This means configuration is simple, easy to set up, and doesn't involve the use of tracking tags.  For more information on advertising with Snapchat, see their advertising page or reach out to your Snapchat contact.

Integration Setup

As of April 2017: The Snapchat integration is available to configure in Apsalar's redesigned postback and integration configuration page (beta).  You can access this beta page directly via this URL, or through the beta button on your postback URL page.


Once in your page your Partner Integration page, you can browse and add Snapchat as a partner.

In your Snapchat partner page, add your desired application and acknowledge the Snapchat advertiser terms & conditions.  Once done, you'll be prompted to enter and confirm your application app ID or longname (iOS or Android).  Click "Save" and your integration is now active!

Once configured, the integration may be paused/un-paused using the toggle button to the right of your application name.  Please note that once paused, Apsalar will not be reporting application activity to Snapchat and any live campaigns will not be tracked and may be interrupted.

Snapchat Reporting in Apsalar

Apsalar reports and tracks Snapchat mobile app campaigns with a click-to-install window of 28 days.  Please note that only click-to-install campaigns are currently supported.  Apsalar uses Snapchat campaign values in Traffic and Cohort reports.  You can find your Snapchat attributions and performance by filtering for "Snapchat" as a campaign source.  

Snapchat dimensions are available in Apsalar reporting using the following mapping:

Apsalar Dimension Value
Campaign Source "Snapchat"
Campaign Name Snapchat Campaign ID - Snapchat Campaign Name
Campaign Group "Snapchat"
Publisher "Snapchat"
Creative Snapchat Ad ID - Snapchat Ad Name
seconds ago
a minute ago
minutes ago
an hour ago
hours ago
a day ago
days ago
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