Event Tracking Console guide

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016 11:04PM PDT

At A Glance

The Event Tracking Console shows Apsalar API calls for session and event data sent by the Apsalar SDK or direct use of the Apsalar API.  It is a tool for application developers to verify if their instrumented events and sessions are being received by the Apsalar platform.   We also recommend using network debugging tools as detailed here, to additionally verify your events are being triggered from your app, when you expect them to be.  

Support is provided for iOS SDK 3.0+ and Android SDK 2.0+. Visit the Get the SDK page to download the latest version.

Testing iOS

The IDFA is the identifier to use for testing the iOS integration. 

In Event Tracking Console, select iOS as the platform and IDFA as the keyspace, and then enter the IDFA as the identifier.

One important caveat is that your IDFA must already be in the Apsalar system before entering it into the Event Tracking Console, or you will not see any data in the Console. If you are not sure whether your IDFA is in the Apsalar system, please download and launch our iOS test app, which can be found at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/candy-jumper/id904729792?mt=8

Downloading and launching the test app will ensure that your IDFA is in the Apsalar system, and will allow you to use your IDFA to see data being sent to Apsalar from your own app. Please contact Apsalar Support if you have any questions by sending an email to support@apsalar.com.

The first line is a start API call. The second is another API call (optional) that can be made for sending us an event such as an in-app purchase. This has to be called after the start session call above. 

Testing Android

For Android, download Apsalar's ID Manager application on your test device to retrieve the Android ID or the Google Advertising Identifier. 

In the Event Tracking Console, select Android as the platform and ANDI as the keyspace for Android ID or AIFA as the keyspace for the Google Advertising Identifier, and then enter the corresponding ID value as the identifier.

The Event Tracking Console can be used to confirm that the Apsalar Install Referrer receiver is properly implemented. Take the following steps to confirm the implementation:

  1. Add the app you are using for testing to the Google Play Store
  2. Copy your test app’s Google Play Store link and append it with the following:
  3. In the Applications page of the Apsalar UI, add your test app’s Google Play Store link with the appended referrer parameter
  4. Generate a generic attribution tag for your test app in the Attribution Tracking section
  5. In the Event Tracking Console, add the ANDI or AIFA of a test device that does not have the test app installed
  6. Click on the attribution tag you generated using your test device. You should be redirected to the Google Play Store page of your test app
  7. Download and open the test app
  8. Confirm that the Event Tracking Console shows an event called “__InstallReferrer”
  9. Check the Apsalar Traffic Report for an install with a campaign name of ReferrerTestCampaign
If you find the install for a campaign called ReferrerTestCampaign, your implementation of the Apsalar receiver is working correctly.

Time Lag

The Event Tracking Console simply verifies whether your events and sessions have been instrumented properly. It may take longer for them to appear in your Dashboard. Calls and errors will be displayed in the console within a few minutes after they are sent. Only one console should be open at a time, otherwise tracking errors may result. 
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