Revenue Analysis

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2016 10:32PM PST

Revenue Analysis

Revenue Breakdown Report

To access Apsalar's Revenue Breakdown Report, log in to Apsalar and expand the Revenue Analysis section. In Revenue Breakdown you'll find the following components:
  • Revenue Sources 
  • Countries
  • Products
  • Filtering
For data to show up you must have revenue events. Consult our Revenue documentation for instructions. Applications without revenue data will appear empty: 


Real-Time Data
Data in Revenue Breakdown are real-time. The data may be sorted by column, in ascending or descending order. Be mindful of pagination at the bottom of the report if you are passing in a significant amount of revenue data.


Revenue Metric Filters
You can select which metrics (columns) to display and which to hide with the Display drop down menu. Keep boxes checked for those you want shown.
Data Export
Export CSV provides a CSV file of the all the data for the tab (regardless of pagination) for selected filters and date range. 

  • ARPU - Revenue divided by count of unique users
  • ARPPU - Revenue divided by Paying users
  • Average revenue per first time user - Revenue divided by count of first time users
  • Average revenue per repeat user - Revenue divided by count of repeat users
  • Average revenue per session - Revenue divided by count of sessions
  • Average transactions per session - Number of transactions divided by count of sessions 
  • Average transaction value - Revenue divided by Number of transactions
  • Conversions - Count of unique users that have triggered a revenue event for the first time 
  • Paying users - Count of unique users that have triggered a revenue event at least once
  • % Paying users - Paying users divided by unique users
  • Paying users - Users that have triggered at least one revenue event in their lifetime
  • Transaction - An instance of a revenue event
  • Transactions - Count of revenue events
  • Revenue - Sum of revenue
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