Comparing Apsalar Traffic Report to Google Adwords

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2016 10:33PM PST

Apsalar and Google have access to different attribution information that might result in some discrepancies in reporting between Apsalar's Traffic Report and Google Adwords. Follow the steps below when comparing the two reports, and contact Apsalar Support if you are experiencing discrepancies not explained by the items below.

Comparing Apsalar Traffic Report to Google Adwords

Apsalar's Traffic Report and Google Adwords use different methodologies for reporting on installs: 

  Apsalar Google Adwords
Download vs. App Open (Android only) Tracks install when the app is first opened Tracks install when the app is downloaded (the user may never open the app)
Real-time Reporting vs. Batched Reporting  Traffic Report shows data in real-time Data in Adwords can be delayed by up to 24 hours
Report timezone  Installs reported in PST (unless you changed the timezone of your account) Installs reported in the timezone selected for your account

Troubleshooting Discrepancies

Before beginning troubleshooting, confirm that you have followed all steps in our Google Install Integration Setup article. If all steps have been followed, here are platform-specific troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure that the Apsalar install referrer receiver is the first receiver listed in your Android manifest file, as specified in step 5 of our Integrating the Android SDK article. The Apsalar receiver will forward install referrer data to any subsequent receivers.
  • Make sure that auto-tagging is enabled in your Adwords account​.
  • ​Make sure that you are using the correct conversion ID and label in the postback you have set up to Google.
  • Make sure that your postback is set to send all events from all sources to Google.
  • Make sure that you have added the Apsalar postback to the Advanced options of the conversion in Adwords, as described in our Google Install Integration Setup article.
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