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This section discusses the Apsalar Segments page, where you may:
  • Add A Segment
  • Manage Segment details

Add A Segment

ApScience lets you create complex user segments based on behavior, geography, device operating system, and connectivity. To create a segment click the “+ Add a Segment” button

Add a Segment Name (e.g. Registered Users).

Select a Rule Type to provide a characteristic into which a user can be segmented. Then select match rules.

  • All indicates that every condition in the segment must be true before the user is included in the segment.
  • Any indicates that one or more condition in the segment must be true before the user is included in the segment.


Global gives additional reporting in trending, carrier, device, platform and geography reports; a maximum of 40 “global” segments are permitted per account.  Note: By default all segments are available for targeting, in cohort analysis and funnels.

Event –  select an event that a user has activated during the course of application use.  You may choose a threshold for the number of times that event has been done by the user or in cases where the event contains attributes, its values may be used as criteria for inclusion in a segment.

Geography — you can select if a user has been in or has not been in a one or more regions/continents and one or more countries.  If a collapsed view of a region is orange, then countries within that region have been selected.

Platform — select iOS or Android.

Connectivity — select if the user has used wifi or has used something other than wifi (e.g., a wireless carrier).

Lifetime Revenue — select a value for the Lifetime Revenue of a user within a specific application or all of a publisher’s applications;

Lifetime Engagement Index –select a value for the Lifetime Engagement Index of a user within a specific application.  We do not track Lifetime Engagement Index across applications.

Add a rule to the segment by selecting the ‘+’ on the bottom-right of the rule.  You can Remove a rule (prior to saving the segment) by clicking ‘-’

Save the segment in the bottom-right corner of the page.  Clicking this will save ALL segments that are being created.


  • Retroactivity. Users populate segments only after they have been created.  If the combination of segment rule conditions occurred prior to the segment’s creation, a user must meet those conditions again to be entered into the segment. 
  • Deletion. Segments cannot be deleted once created.
  • Rules. You may never make a segment with the same set of match rules as another segment.
  • Naming. You may never create two segments with the same name.
  • Definition. You cannot define a segment that contains:
    • A campaign rule type combined with a ‘user has has done an event (event1) with attributes’ rule.
    • A campaign rule type combined with a connectivity rule type
    • More than ONE event with attributes rule. For example, if a segment has a rule that a ‘user has has done an event (event1) with attributes’, then you may not have a rule for that same segment the says ‘user has has done an event (event2) with attributes’.  You may have a rule that says ‘user has has done an event (event2) at least 1 time

Managing Segment Details

Select the right-arrow adjacent to the segment name to view existing segment rules:

To hide the rules, select the down arrow adjacent to the segment name.

To make a segment “Global” check the box in the “Global” column:

Select the save button in the bottom-right side of the table.

Note: There is a maximum of 40 “global” segments per ApScience account.
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