Restrictions on event name, attribute name and attribute value

Last Updated: May 22, 2017 10:46PM PDT

Event name restrictions

  • The length of an event name is limited to 32 ASCII characters or in the case of non-ASCII characters, 32 bytes once converted to UTF-8. Names that are too long will be automatically truncated.
  • end_session, fatal_error, heartbeat, _click_, and @ are reserved Apsalar event names and should not be used. If used in your application, the event will not be registered and no data will be collected for that event.
  • Do not start an event name with an underscore “_”. Any such event name will not be viewable in the user interface since an underscore is reserved for system events.

Attribute name and value restrictions

  • There is a limit of 500 ASCII characters for each event attribute value. Anything over 500 characters will be truncated and not recorded by Apsalar.
  • There is a maximum total length of 4000 ASCII characters for API calls and 1999 for SDK calls, for all of an events arguments. This includes the attribute names and values. Anything over these thresholds will be truncated and not recorded by Apsalar.
  • An attribute name is limited to 255 bytes once encoded in UTF-8.
  • Attribute names must be strings.
  • Improperly formed attribute/value pairs will cause an errors in the tracking and reporting of events.
  • For iOS applications, the keys to dictionaries (NSDictionary) must be instances of NSString. We recommend that you use valid identifiers (such as valid identifiers in Objective-C) for the keys.
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